Welcome to the official website of the
Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) Society!

The Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) Society consists of a group of approximately 125 scholars, students, and informed citizens who are concerned with the current state of the academic knowledge and are exploring new theories of knowledge and wisdom. The TOK Society was founded by Professor Gregg Henriques, who has developed a new scientific humanistic philosophy called "The Unified Theory Of Knowledge" (UTOK), and thus serves as a primary point of focus for the Society.

The TOK Society has a listserve, periodic conferences, and community meetings that bring interested parties together to listen to presentations, discuss philosophy, psychology, and the state of the world, and to engage each other in meaningful conversation to explore best practices and sense-making systems for organizing knowledge and cultivating wisdom the 21st Century.

For more information on the TOK Society, email Dr. Gregg Henriques at: henriqgx@jmu.edu.

Links to Key Resources

The Unified Theory of Knowledge homepage, which provides a rich description of the UTOK, the 8 Key Ideas that make it up, and the various areas of knowledge it touches.

The TOK-21 YouTube Channel, which includes TOK instructional videos, podcasts, TOK Community meetings, and other relevant video presentations.

The Unified Theory of Knowledge Blog on Medium, which offers up-to-date essays on why the UTOK provides a new vision for organizing knowledge and cultivating wisdom in the 21st Century.

The Theory of Knowledge Blog on Psychology Today, which provides over 375 essays written by Dr. Henriques on psychology, psychotherapy, philosophy and many other topics.

Gregg Henriques' Homepage