TOK Society Listserve

The Theory Of Knowledge Society has an active email discussion listserve that provides the community an opportunity to share ideas pertaining to the UTOK and its elements, as well as other relevant areas of inquiry, such as other big picture knowledge systems, questions of mind and consciousness, philosophy and wisdom human values and meaning making systems, societal changes and challenges, and the place and relevance of psychology and metapsychology in these issues.

Messages about podcasts, lectures, blogs, articles and other materials about the UTOK and related endeavors are also shared regularly. The list provides the primary pathway to the TOK Community events.

If you have questions or are interested in participating, either reach out via the contact information below or write Dr. Gregg Henriques at henriqgx (at) jmu (dot) edu.

If you would like to peruse the list serve archives, they are public and found here.

Note: Please be aware that the name of the list appears as “Tree of Knowledge” (ToK) in places because that was the older name. Like the theory itself, it evolved from being grounded in the Tree of Knowledge System into a larger "Theory Of Knowledge". Thus the Society carries that history as well.

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